Brick Wall Chroma Key Background Images

Brick Wall Chroma Key Background Images
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DVD of 81 Hi Resolution Rusty and Grungy Brick Wall Choma Key Backgrounds for PHOTOGRAPHERS, Graphic Desgners and ARTISTS!!

Grungy high quality Brick Walls that you can add to the backgrounds of your chroma key shot images.

Download them right away from my website as soon as I receive your payment.

There are several hi rez images of brick walls that you can add to your photos and artwork. These grungy textures add amazing rustic, old and grungy moods to your images.

I use Adobe Photoshop to apply the brick wall images to my photos but you can use also Corel Draw, Elements, Paint Shop Pro or any other image manipulating program. They are a mixture of .jpg and .tiff images of different sizes and shapes. I mix these edges with the my other products I use and sell, such as the Photographer and Designers Action Tool Kit and the high quality chroma key backgrounds and textures I have available. Take a look at our large selection of Chroma Key backgrounds you can use with your photos in our EBAY STORE. You can view more of my work on my web sites, just search for Ed Wilson Photography or Wilson Graphics. I just signed in on facebook stop by and say Hi! I will be adding photos and art pieces I work on every day. Add me as a friend to see more samples and artwork for ideas, training links and more fun things that will be added soon... :D If you have any questions on using my products with your photos email me.

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Below are a few samples of how I use the brick walls with my images.

They were shot with a white background.

Below are all the colorful brick wall images that are on the DVD